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Do you often wonder what the future holds? Is Love not bloomling like you thought it would? Get answers to the questions youve been searching for from a trusted psychic advisor. Click on any psychic advisor below to chat live or call 866-923-8423 and dial the extension of any operator in our directory and you will be instantly connected. You must have an account to call, registration is simple, you dont need a credit card and your first $10 is Free! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to have the truth uncovered. Its safe, secure and 100% confidential.

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Rossemary Bonifacio

Ext. 0485

I was blessed from birth with the ability to see and perceive what the future had in store and was able to take the necessaries precautions to avoid bad things from happening.


Joseph Kolakowski

Ext. 0061

I am a state Chaplain and a Rabbi with over a decade of spiritual counseling for people of all faiths or none at all. If you need answers I have them for you. Call me.


Ann Morgan

Ext. 0479

Call me to get Spiritual Advice and Clarity about any topic that is on your mind! We can talk it out and find a solution. Feel free to message me if you want to schedule a call.


Willie Contraband

Ext. 0279

Who better to consult with than someone who has been through hell and back and has found heaven. The first step of the quest to finding yourself lives in the question.

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Register Using Promo Code: PSYC10
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Scot Tibiadsumcumadsum

Ext. 0292

Hypnosis can now be done over the phone or over the internet via an audio/video interface. (Such as ooVoo...) Which ever is more convenient. If this is of interest to you, please give me a call.


Psychics And Prophets

Ext. 0324

CALL NOW for the answers and guidance you seek along your path. On our talk I will shed guiding light with Honest UpFront Readings in areas of your life that have become muddled or hidden in the dark.


Ignacio Beltran

Ext. 0663

Know the persons you deal with in love, business, relationships at a deeper level. I am here to help you. Know what is on their mind, what they think and feel about you. Call me now. Rate is extremely affordable.



Ext. 0513

Spiritual Advice, Angels, Demons, Meditation, Mantras, Yoga, Crystals? Im a spiritual adviser, tarot reader, Psychic, empath, Medium, and occultist. Call me to explore your mind and beyond and find meaning.